Wildlife Removal in Dallas, GA

Wildlife Removal in Dallas, GA

Received a call from a property management company customer about noise in the attic in the Dallas area. After walking the property noticed an entry point at the chimney area a large hole. The next step would be checking the attic when searching of attic saw evidence of a possum- Spoke-with the customer about setting up a live trap (cage) one live trap in the attic and two outside.

Before using a live trap you need to know the animal you are dealing with. This will ensure that you are using the correct bait and strategies. These animals may destroy your property and invade your home for food and shelter.

Possums are nocturnal animals. You want to pick high-activity areas. You want the possum to enter the live trap with the help of the bait. Because of this, competing food sources need to be removed. Keep your trash sealed in trash bags and stored in trash bins with a lid to keep it closed. Any pet food or bowls of water should be inside. Check the traps daily to ensure the animal does not become stressed. Normally it may take a few days for the animal to trust something new before entering the live trap. After the third day success possum was caught.

Service provided: Wildlife Removal

Location: Dallas, GA

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