Bald-faced Hornets Removal in Dallas, GA

Bald-faced Hornets Removal in Dallas, GA

A new customer called about a hornet's nest in the outside garage area, gathering info, can the nest be reached with a ladder, on the first or second floor these questions are for pricing. Bald-faced hornets are a species of stinging insect. While they are called hornets, these stinging pests are technically members of the wasp family just like yellow jackets and paper wasps. easily recognized by the presence of their nest. Despite their many benefits, stinging insects can sometimes pose a hazard and it may become necessary to control them. Insect stings probably injure more people each year than all other venomous animals combined. There are differences in the potential hazard posed by different species. In general, social species that build large colonies and nests are much more aggressive than solitary species. If you find a bald-faced hornet’s nest on your property, do not attempt to remove yourself, as this can aggravate the colony and cause the hornet to sting. For this reason, I always wear a bee suit starting with locating the nest and how to remove it. I carry a small cooler when scrapping nests away from the garage the nest drops in the cooler and closes for safety. After removing the nest there's a small clean-up.

Service provided: Extermination Services

Location: Dallas, GA

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